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What we offer

  • Dedicated eXpert Transition Partner Specialist for a VIP level eXperience for your new eXp Agent’s onboarding & orientation processes

  • Personal introduction of your new Agents to critical eXp departments and programs (Agent services, Fast Start, certified Mentoring etc.)

  • eXpert navigation through occasional digital ‘detours’ that might otherwise add significant time, stress and frustration for Sponsors and new Agents


Goals and Desired Outcomes of Transition Partner Service


  • Easy, no frustration, more $ faster

  • Increase rev share:

    • Accelerate new agent time to 1st transaction

    • Accelerate new agent time to first attraction

    • Increase in agent retention

  • Increased Sponsor Net Promoter Score (sNPS)

New Agents

  • Warm 'Day 1' Welcome to eXp Realty with a Partner Specialist that will demystify the transition to eXp, facilitate fast, easy onboarding & orientation. 

  • Easy, no frustration, make money faster

    • Accelerated transition allowing agents to maintain & accelerate their real estate business

    • Accelerated confidence to begin attracting other agents immediately

  • Increased Agent Net Promoter Score (aNPS)

What Our Sponsors & Agents Are Saying!

Selina Wells - eXp Realty

Selina Wells - eXp Realty
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Selina Wells - eXp Realty
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Pat Hays - eXp Realty

Pat Hays - eXp Realty

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Mark Raumaker - eXp Realty

Mark Raumaker - eXp Realty

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Beckie Shafer - eXp Realty

Beckie Shafer - eXp Realty

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Schedule an appointment for more information or call/text with any questions.

Sponsors, contact Bobby or Christi to learn about our service.

Book an appointment for a 30 minute zoom call.

Call or text us with questions.

Standard service starts at $395 per agent

Tax deductible real estate consulting service | EIN# 84-5176986

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